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Eucerin DermatoCLEAN 3 In 1 Micellar Cleansing Fluid

By everbluec · June 26, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

In this entry, I will be reviewing Eucerin DermatoCLEAN 3 In 1 Micellar Cleansing Fluid. A non rinsing cleansing water that will remove make up, cleanse and tone our skin. A mild but effective cleanser for sensitive skin.



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ORP Tokyo Moist Cleansing oil (Review)

By everbluec · May 5, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

The #1 oil cleanser on Cosme - ORP Tokyo Moist Cleansing oil. Consist of 12 different kind of high quality beauty oils for easy makeup removal.

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Sana Nameraka Honpo Cleansing Oil [Review]

By everbluec · June 12, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Sana Nameraka Honpo Cleansing Oil
Namerakahonpo light base cleansing oil blends with makeup instantly and removes makeup thoroughly at once. Skin feels moisturized, supple and soft with soymilk isoflavone. Usable even with a wet hand.

No fragrance
No artifical colorant

Oops.. I finished the whole bottle before I remember to take a pic of it.

Ingredients list...

I love this series of products (espcially their Rich Lotion) Love the soothing factor of soyabean extract!

  • The texture of the oil was quite average (not too thick nor too light like water)
  • Colorless and easy to spread around the skin(face)
  • Cleansing oil feel quite light weight on the skin
  • emulsify well when contact with water
  • Easy to rinise off
  • Does remove waterproof mascara and color makeup

(For stubborn mascara, need to soak the oil on the lashes abit longer to dissolve the mascara wax)

  • Doesn't cause any irritation nor breaking out (on my face)
  • Skin feel smooth and soft after rinishing off with water.
  • Skin doesn't feel tight nor dry (quite moisturizing)
  • I like that this oil feel kinda soothing too!
  • Althought this does contain alcohol, but it doesn't feel drying on the skin.

The main oil for this cleansing oil is "mineral oil" (I love mineral oil in cleansing oil.. SO I got no problems with it)
Avoid this if you are sensitive to "mineral oil".


This is NOT the best cleansing oil I have ever try, but this is good enough to remove hard to remove waterproof makeup including mascara.



If you are looking for cheaper and better one - You can try Biore (the purple bottle one - review coming up soon) or KOSE Junkisei Prime Cleansing Oil.

Read more about Cleansing oil reviews >> here <<


Available at SASA, John Litlle and selected Watsons
Price: SD$21.90 (If I didn't remember wrongly)



I'm not affiliated with SANA.
I purchase this product with my own $$$$

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Shu Uemura New Luxurious Cleanser - Ultime8 Cleansing Oil

By everbluec · May 22, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

[new Launch - Media event]

Shu Uemura will be launching a new Luxurious cleansing oil for supreme skin quality with 8 botanical oils and 8 Skincare benefits to their huge collection of cleansing oils  -The new Ultime8 Cleansing oil.

Mr Shu Uemura often said that he wanted to be a swordsmith, polishing iron repeatedly to create an excellent sword. He applied the same belief with the new Ultime8 cleansing oil - reaching the pinnacle of luxurious cleansing.

For this, scientists at the shu uemura research centre have successfully combined science, nature and art to create its new Ultime8 sensation.

The secret behind Ultime8 lies in its ingredients which contain 8 carefully selected botanical oils - Olive, jojoba, ginger root, corn, soy bean, shea butter, safflower and camellia.


For more than a decade, the shu uemura research center searched for a golden combination of ingredients from several tens of thousands of oils.

The goal: a fine and light texture that doesn’t compromise powerful cleansing ability and skincare benefits. With an incredible richness and smoothness that is light on skin, this inimitable and exclusive texture provides beautiful comfort that wraps your skin with pleasure.

Inflused with a cashmere texture and delivately lifts the tougest makeup and impurities off the skin while the premier botanical oils penetrate deep into the skin layers to awaken and revitalise skin cells giving you the perfect canvas.


8 herbal floral notes to awaken our senses
Like a veil, skin is enwrapped in a luxurious fragrance that is unsurpassed while stubborn impurities are simply washed away. ultime8 is designed with 8 herbal floral notes to awaken your senses.

  • Fresh opening top note – Rosemary Blossom and Provence Aspic
  • Elegant middle note - floral-driven heart freesia encased with theheart of the peony
  • Blissful finishing note - Powdery Musk and soothing Blue Cedar



Ultime8 joins the famous shu uemura cleansing oil family and has already won accolades from 49 Asian women. With more joining their fold to give glowing testimonies to visibly improved skin after their first use of ultime8.

Feedback from the 49 Asian women surveyed showed 8 skincare benefits::

  • 88% said their skin felt revitalized
  • 98% said their skin looks more refined
  • 94% said their skin feels smoother
  • 94% said their skin feels more supple
  • 90% said their skin looks more radiant
  • 90% said their skin feels nourished
  • 92% said their skin is moisturized
  • 90% said their skin looks more translucent



I received a bottle of 150ML ultime8 cleansing oil in the press kit, will be trying that out for a period of time - wait for my review :)

Ingredients list...



150ml - SD$65
450ml - SD$170

The new luxurious ultime8 cleansing oil wil be available at all shu uemura beauty counters island wide from July 2012.


Check out Shu uemura Singapore Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/shuuemuraSG


Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Shu uemura.
Images and Information were extracted from the press file.

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ZA Eye & Lip makeup remover

By everbluec · January 29, 2012 · 0 Comments ·


A dual-phase point makeup remover that will removes all types of waterproof and stubborn makeup.

soak up a cotton square....

Cover the cotton square on my eye and leave it for about 60secs or more.
Then lightly move the cotton square in wiping motion(left to right or right to left.. whatever direction you like) to loose up the mascara wax from the lashes before wiping it off.

It doesn't wipe off completely on the first "soak" especially when the mascara was a super waterproof type. I just use the other side of the cotton square to lighlty wipe/clean off the residues.

Remove colors makeup pretty well.

The cleansing oil was abit too oily. But it does the job at removing waterproof and stubborn makeup.

The oil doesn't sting my eyes.

Doesn't irritation my skin, but the constant wiping was abit stressful for my eye areas (Personally, I don't like using cotton square or cleansing wipe to remove makeup... cos my skin around the eye area is abit sensitive.)

Ingredients List...

Price: SD$12.90
Available at Watsons and John Little SG


Disclaimer: Product was provided by the company, I'm not affiliated with them.
They never ask me to do any review on this.. I just love writing reviews on "cleansing oil"(makeup remover products).

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Dove Lathering Oil cleansing (makeup remover)

By everbluec · January 14, 2012 · 0 Comments ·


A makeup remover which is a cleansing oil that pump out like a mousse/foamy texture.

I got this cleansing oil foam during the period where Watsons was having a buy 2 get 1 free on all Dove Products. So it's a good time to try this out. ^_^

First, I wasn't sure whether this would be a good makeup remover, especially for hard to remove "waterproof" mascara... I just don't really trust using anything that was "foamy" to remove mascara.(Feel more like a foamy facial cleanser then a makeup remover)!

From the label, it said that this can dissolves heavy mascara and makeup thoroughly. Can be use on wet hands and face.

If you read my blog long enough, you would know that I LOVE to try out all kind of cleansing oil (beside eyecream and sunblock/cream).. pretty open to any kind (if it's not too expensive). I only love "cleansing oil" that can be emulsify when contact with water. (Don't really like cleansing lotion or milk - because the cleansing power wasn't strong enough... atleast on me)

But I do love makeup remover cleansing gel ... for base makeup (not for mascaras)

OK... here a pic of the label of Dove Lathering oil...

Ingredients list...

The foam was really creamy, shiny(oily) and feel quite dense (I means... not watery and loose). Although the foam look oily, but it doesn't feel oily when I massage the foam on my face.

My Review:
->> I like how the foam feel on my skin, soothing and it feel like it is dissolving the makeup on my skin (I say it feel like)
->> Easy to spread around the whole face without dragging/pulling the skin
->> Cleanse quite well for base(foundation/bbcream) and colors makeup
->> Doesn't remove mascara (not even smudge proof mascara!)
->> Does sting my eyes.. when I trying to remove mascara
->> Doesn't feel any different on skin textures (You know some cleansing oil will make skin feel soft and smooth after removing makeup)
->> Skin doesn't feel greasy after rinising off the cleansing oil foam
->> Doesn't cause any skin irritation (I finished the whole bottle mostly on days when I don't wear mascara)
->> I don't remember much about the scent (I have sinus problems... sometimes, my nose can't smell anything.).. so during the time I'm using this, I don't remember smelling anything weird or too over powdering scent)

Conclusion :
It's work nicely for non-waterproof/waxy type of products(say mascara/lip gloss).
If I wanna a base makeup remover, I will opt for a water base gel cleansing. (For combination to oily skin)...

This might work great for a base makeup remover on dry skin. (Since gel might be abit drying on dry skin).


Price: SD$17.50 (or SD$17.90.. can't remember)
Available at all stores that sell Dove products (Watsons, Guardian, John Little and Fairprice NTUC)


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Shu uemura Whitefficient UV under base mousse and Cleansing Oil

By everbluec · December 20, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

[New Launch]

In February 2012, Shu Uemura will release a new Whitefficient UV Under Base Brightening Mousse and the revamped version of the brightening cleansing oil.

+0 sec: Whitening is achieved without having to add any extra steps to your daily skincare routinee.
Efficient Whitening :Shu Uemura whitefficient routine

New Whitefficient UV Under Base Brightening Mousse.
Price: SD$80 [50g]

The mouse is in purple pink shade - purple correct dull greyish skin complexion and where pink brighten up any skin complexion) mixing both together give a maximum result of whiter and brighter complexion.

With the mixtures of the powderful skin whitening ingredient.. it's not only give 0 sec instant whitening effect.. in long run.. it also whiten+brighten your skin.

During the media event, they also showcasing the Face Architect smooth fit fluid foundation (Price: SD$75).

The foundation feel smooth, watery(not too thick) and spread around very easily. And when blended out.. it gives a nice semi matte -dewy finishing - medium coverage (on the back of my hand... not sure how it will look or feel on the face)

Shu uemura's iconic cleansing oil reborn. The revamped version of the brightening cleansing oil will be release on February 2012.

Shu uemura Whitefficient Cleansing oil
Price: SD$155 [450ML] and SD$58 [150ML]

Shu uemura integrates its expertise in cleansing oil with the most advanced technology to achieve a brightening effect through cleaning.

Use in the morning and evening to remove makeup and prevent the accumulation of old skin cells that contain melanin that make skin dull.

Some pics I took at the event...

Demo on the usage of cleansing oil...


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The New Hada Labo Hydrating Cleansing Oil [Review]

By everbluec · December 7, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


Received The New Hada Labo Hydrating Cleansing oil back late October and after using it almost everyday for a month(I just finished the bottle) and now review time ^_^

The 2 key ingredients :: High Purity Olive Oil and Super Hyaluronic Acid

[Click to enlarge]

Ingredients list...
This doesn't contain any mineral oil... which I was kinda having some doubts on it cleansing power(cos normally it won't be able to remove/melt off waterproof mascara)

The texture of the oil was abit thick...

OK... here are the test I did on the back of my hand.....
(I swatched foundation, waterproof mascara, brow's wax, lipstick, liners, eyeshadows and ects...)

Spread the oil all over the back of my hand... let then lightly massage to dissolve the makeup... add in atiny bit of water to emulsify to a milky texture.... and then rinise off the oil.

The stain of the 2 hard to remove waterproof mascaras (Fasio and Majolica Majorca mascaras).

After using the cleansing oil for a month..
->>> Doesn't cause any break-out nor irritation on my skin
->>> The oil was abit thick ...  easy to spread around the face(skin)
->>> Emulsify to thick creamy milky texture(I like) and it lift up base and colors' makeup pretty well
->>> Need to soak abit loner on lashes or double cleanse to remove waterproof mascara
->>> The oil was easy to rinse off without feeling greasy
->>> Skin doesn't feel stuffy
->>> The moisturizing factor was pretty good
My face doesn't feel tight after I rinise off the oil.

Once again, Mineral Oil wasn't proven to be a bad ingredients and it surely won't clog pores. Because pores will clogged no matter what you use if you didn't cleanse your skin well!

How I use this cleansing oil is the same as what I use on all water soluble cleansing oil(that will emulsify)
-> Apply 3 to 4 pumps of oil on the whole face (I like to use more... so that I won't be pulling my skin)
-> Another 2-3 pumps on my eyes (close my eyes and lightly massage the oil over my lashes to fully soak my lashes with mascara)
-> Wet my fingers and light massage the whole face and focusing more on my lashes to melt off the mascara
-> Rinse off the oil.. until skin don't feel oily.
-> Look at the mirror and check whether there's any residue... (if got... pat dry the skin and repeat the above steps) and follow with my normal cleanser. (I do double cleanse with my facial cleanser to ensure that I have thoroughly cleanse off all the oil on my skin to prevent buildup of oil in the pores)

I tried the water-base before... it's only meant for base or light makeup and please avoid removing eyemakeup with it.. cos it's sting/burn the eye!!!! (Doesn't remove waterproof makeup well especially mascara!)

Price: SD$20.90 
Available exclusively at all Watsons from 1 November 2011

Disclaimer: Product was provided by Hada Labo thru TheSampleStore.
->>> Hada Labo Singapore Facebook Page :: https://www.facebook.com/hadalabosg

->>> TheSampleStore Facebook Page :: https://www.facebook.com/thesamplestore.sg

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FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil [Review]

By everbluec · November 16, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

[Wanna receive 2 bottles of Deluxe TenseUp? Keep on reading ^,^]

Received Fancl Mild Cleansing oil a couple weeks ago for reviewing.
This offer came at the right timing as I was thinking about getting a new bottle.. I've planned to review all the cleansing oils that I've tried before(and I notice that I miss this out!)

Fancl products are all preservative-free, contain no potentially harmful preservatives and other additives, only potent beauty agents that actively work to enhance skin's natural beauty. So this products only last 120days after opening (unopened - 1 year from the manufacturing date).

Ingredients list...[Click to enlarge]

Suitable for all skin types....

Check out the step by step on how to use Fancl Mild Cleansing oil ->>here<<-
(This is the step they will show you when you purchase the cleansing oil at their outlet.

Below would be my thoughts on the cleansing oil and how I use it.
->>>>>> the oil texture wasn't too thick or oily..
->>>>>> Colorless...
->>>>>> Easy to spread the oil all over the face
->>>>>> It emulsify when contact with water
->>>>>> The cleansing oil was pretty mild in removing stubborn waterproof mascara
(Just need to soak the oil on the lashes abit longer by pressing the fingers lighty over the lashes, massage (important step as I mention above:emulsion, as it will thicken the oil texture and lift the mascara wax off the lashes)
->>>>> Removes thick base and waterproof liners/color makeup really well
->>>>> Doesn't sting my eyes
->>>>> Skin doesn't feel greasy or sticky after rinising off with water
->>>>> Skin feel clean and it doesn't have the "moisturizing/smooth feel" after rinising off the oil.
(I believe the moisturizing factor wasn't that strong, which is good(I guess) cos it will suit all skintype... as it will not be too rich for oily skin)
->>>>> Skin doesn't feel tight after rinising off the oil
->>>>> I never experiences any skin irritation or breaking out during the course of using(now and before).

This cleansing oil doesn't contail Mineral oil, not too sure whether it's good or bad... cos I love cleansing oil contain mineral oil as it "guarantee" will cleanse off stubborn waterproof mascaras and it's also quite moisturizing and provide that "smooth" feel after rinising off with water.

From the packaging, the instruction said that after applying the oil onto the dry face(with dry hands), massage to dissolve and lift up makeup and then rinse off with water. Since this can be emulsify, I prefer to do the extra step before rinising off with water to remove stubborn waterproof mascaras(like Majolica Majorca and Fasio.).

Because, I tried it without "emulsify" and it doesn't cleanse waterproof mascara well! (Especially for Fasio, Majolica Majorca, Anna Sui Perfect mascaras.)

If you have dry skin, then you can do as what the instruction (rinise off after massage the oil on the whole face)
For combination to oily skin, the extra step of emulsion will dissolve hard to remove waterproof makeup easily and prevent clog pores.

Here a little demo... (Waterproof mascara, eyeliners(gel/liquid/pencil), lipsticks, lipgloss, cream shadow, browset and ects

Apply cleansing oil all over the skin and let it soak awhile then massage the oil to lift up the makeup.

Wet fingers with water and start massage the whole area...

Normally, when I use cleansing oil that will emulsify. I will start with dry hands and face (if hands/face are wet, I noticed that the cleansing power was decreased).
-> First I will take about 3 pumps of oil, and smooth it all over my face (avoid eye areas first)
-> let it soak for about 10secs then lightly massage the face.
-> took another 2 pumps (close my eyes) and lightly apply the oil on eye's areas and then cover my eyes with fingers/palm focusing on the lashes (this is to let the oil soak the lashes) and then lightly massages to lift up the mascara wax, eyeshadows, liner and mascara.
-> wet fingers and go back to massage the lashes(lightly) until you feel that the wax have all dissolved.
-> Wet fingers again and emusify the whole face.
-> Rinise off with water until skin doesn't feel oily before using your cleanser to clean the skin.


[somethings random... ]

Peapea is curious about what I was doing in the middle of the living room(kekekee), when I first set the bowl of clean water on the ground, Peapea and buibui drink the water(so cute) and when I start to put my hand in the water and ects... they were curious why I'm playing with their "drinking water" (don't worry. they didn't drink the dirty water!)

Pop by Fancl store for some promotion...

I'm pretty curious on their makeup range, hardly see anyone review or rave about it. FANCL are more popular for their cleansing oil, washing powder and their huge range of beauty supplement.

Ok, here are some goodies for everyone who read my blog ^__^

The Gold Standard For inner beauty care... Deluxe TenseUp.


Mention that you are a reader of my blog "everbluec.onsugar.com" at any FANCL store islandwide

1) To receive 2 bottles of Deluxe TenseUp after a complimentary express skin check.
->> Valid till 30 Nov 2011.

2) Enjoy $5 off of their famous Mild Cleansing oil (120ML)
->> Valid till 30th November 2011
->> Limited to 1 regular-priced bottle (120ml) per reader.
->> Not valid with other promotions/ discounts/ vouchers. Other T&Cs apply.

Check out FANCL FaceBook fan page: www.facebook.com/FANCL.Singapore



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Aqua Moist Moisture Cleansing Oil

By everbluec · October 29, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


This is ONE cleansing oil that was hard to track down.. I got this at BHG Wisma SASA. (I can't find it at BHG Clementi nor any Watsons outlets!!). The very first bottle I got was at CozyCot Event at the Aqua Moist booth.(At that time they was having 30% discount)

Retail Price: SD$19.90 (150ml)

Ingredients list:::
Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Mineral Oil, PEG-12 Laurate, Polysorbate 85, Polyglycerol-2 Oleate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Peg-6 Sorbitan Oleate, Water, Octyldodecanol, Fragrance, BHT, Glycerin, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Tocopherol, Sodium Hyaluronate.

The texture of the cleansing oil was thin and easy to spread around the face. Kinda remind me of Fancl mild cleansing oil. Doesn't feel thick nor sticky.

With just 2 drops of water, the oil emulsify into a milky texture.

->>> The emollient power was pretty good!
Skin feel smooth and soft after rinishing off with water.
->> Skin doesn't feel tight nor dry (quite moisturizing)
->> It remove waterproof mascara and color makeup really well
(including Majolica Majorca and Fasio waterproof mascara)
->> Doesn't cause any irritation nor breaking out (on my face)
->> Doesn't burn or sting my eyes

I normally warm up the 2 to 3 pumps of cleansing oil on my dry palm before applying onto my face... slowing massage to remove all trace of foundation. Then pump another 2 pump of cleansing oil (close my eyes) and start to remove eye makeup including mascara.

If you have dry skin, you can straight away rinse off the oil without the emulsion step.

For combination skin.. epecially for those who have clogged pores (or pores that will clogged easily).. emulsion is an important step! Wet your fingers and lighty massage the whole face before rinsing off with water. Rinse until the skin doesn't feel oily anymore then follow with your normal facial cleanser.(This is to prevent oil from clogging pores.)

(Note: To prevent clogged pores... remember to exfoliate your skin daily with mild exfoliate lotion(cleansing water). Scrub can't not be use daily cos it was pretty harsh for the skin(especially acne prone and sensitive skin). You can try Kose cleansing lotion, SANA Peeling water and ects...)


I swatched afew stuff on the back of my hand:::
Paintpot, Za liquid liner(and you will see how strong the waterproof power of this liner), lipstick, shu uemura lash glue and ects...

This is just a pump of oil.. and lightly massage over the swatches (Didn't use alot.. cos I didn't want the oil to drip onto my kitchen floor... peapea, buibui and manman will lick it... especially Manman.. she eat EVERYTHING!!!!)

Them.. wet my finger and emulsify the oil... See how waterproof the Za liquid liner was!!! (After I took this pic.. I use a kitchen towel to dry the back of my hand and add on cleansing oil to soak the liquid liner swatch, massage and then add water to emulsify the oil before rinse it off under the tap.)

[[[ Note: These extra steps of applying cleansing oil ... becos I wanna take pics(no one was around to help me) and I dont want the oil to drip onto the floor making a mess(abit messy for me also.. since I still need to hold my camera and I only got 2 hands..) ^,~]]]

This cleansing oil doesn't remove Shu uemura lash glue well... I can see the glue residue and it still feel abit sticky!

I only notice that when my sister told me that her eyes still feel sticky after she remove her faux lashes with this cleansing oil. So I soak up a cotton square with cleansing water and lightly wipe around her eye's areas. Cleansing water remove lash glue residue better then cleansing oil.

That's all for now ^,~


Alot of peoples have been asking me to review some of the cleansing oils that I've bought before (I know, I always forgot to blog about it.. I will slowly add in the reviews soon.. next would be Kracie Navia cleansing oil, Fancl Cleansing oil, Hada Labo NEW cleansing oil, Shu uemura cleansing oil, Dove foam cleansing oil and so on.. I've tried alot - I'm a huge fan of cleansing oil! Kekekeke)

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