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Haraju-Cute Box Two - All about Big Alluring eyes

By everbluec · December 4, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

The theme for the 2nd Haraju-cute bloggers' box is All about big alluring eyes.
A box containing 2 brands Bonavoce and Automatic Beauty (AB) that will made your eyes bigger and alluring.

The 3 products in Haraju-Cute Box Two.
Bonavoce Ultra long mascara, AB double eye rubber (double eyelid's glue) and AB Mezical Fiber Version 1.00.

Automatic Beauty(AB)
Japan's leading double eyelid products. Founded in Japan, the parent company of AB, Blue and Pink Ltd always aims to bring out the beauty in all girls. Their products have always been popular in Japan and have received many unoressuve reviews. Consumers identify Blue and Pink Ltd with simple to use beauty products that enable them to meet their beauty needs easily.

Due to its roaring popularity in Japan, AB moves rapidly into Taiwan - the next Asia beauty giant. Endorsed by the Taiwan makeup guru, Kevin, the brand continues to flourish. NOW AB is available in Singapore.


Automatic Beauty (AB) Double Eye Rubber
[Double eyelid's glue]
Price : SD$17.90


  • Step 1 - Have a clean lids (free from oil or powder)
  • Step 2 - Find the height you want your fold (double eyelid's fold) to be..
  • Step 3 - apply the glue on the lid (like drawer a curve line across... (apply abit of the glue on the wand/applicator that come with it)
  • Step 4 - open eye and push the lid into the crease using the wand/applicator

My double eyelid fold too deep and wide.. so this glue doesn't really work on me..
but I still do alittle demo.. kekeke ..

Apply glue on my clean and dry lid.. slightly above my "double eyelid crease line" hopefully to create a wide double eyelid fold...  open my eye and use the wand/applicator to push back the skin to create the fold... it does look abit wider after the inital "fixing" but when I blink again.. the fold shift back to my original position. (My double lid's fold too deep la... so the glue feel abit weak on me)

This is most suitable for those who have inner double lids (those hidden type), hooded lids and single eyelids to create a wider and bigger eyes.



Automatic Beauty (AB) Mezical Fiber
Price :: SD$19.90(30pcs), SD$27.90 (60pcs) and SD$45.90 (120pcs)

  • Step 1 - Apply on clean and dry eyelid...
  • Step 2 - find the height your wanna create on the lid
  • Step 3 - Pull open one (or two layer up if you want a "thicker/stronger fold") mezical fiber and stick on the lid...
  • Step 4 - cut away the excess (be carefull not to cut off your lashes or your skin)

I find that the mezical fiber has a more stronger hold/grip as compare to the glue (but glue look more natural on the skin)... I use this to correct the fold back to the original position when my double lid fold cut into my inner eye's corner (I have parallel double eyelids.. so when one cut into the inner corner.. it will made my eye look unbalance - very the obvious!!!)


Bonavoce is the official brand of mascaras and eyeliners produced by Saeko Dokyu an active model in Japan's fashion industry, TV personality and actress in Japan.

The origin of the name Bonavoce is a term coined by a combination of French and Italian meaning "Beautiful time". It's about spending beautiful, quality time, whether it's with your loved ones, with friends or living life.

Being familiar with cosmetics, Saeko knows what she wants in her mascaras and eyeliners and has poured her heart into producing this range. Saeko dreams for Bonavoce to become a brand that will be loved by many people.

Released recently on 15th April 2012(in Singapore), the range includes two types of mascaras as well as two colors of liquid liners.

Note:: Received the Volume mascara at the blogger event and the liquid liner (own purchase)... 
Becos they are under the same brand... so going to talk about it in this entry together (^_^)


Bonavoce Premium Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black
Price : SD$19.90

Close up on the label...
[Click to enlarge]

Ingredients list...


  • This liner is very intense,  love how dark and glossy it look..
  • stay on lids without fading after afew hours.
  • No smudging
  • Dry quite fast
  • brush tip feel firm and soft on the lid
  • Easy to draw
  • Easy to remove with warm water

Bonavoce Ultra long mascara
Price : SD$25.90

Ingredients list...
[Click to enlarge]

  • The mascara doesn't feel too heavy on the lashes.. but after afew hours the lashes will start to feel abit droppy

(holding powder not that strong)

  • It does lengthen and darken the lashes well

(I curve my lashes before applying the mascara)

  • The mascara have a glossy black finishing (not as intense as the volume one.)
  • doesn't smugde

(Weird fact:: When I pair this mascara with their volume mascara, it smudges on me! Hmmm...)

  • Easy to remove with cleansing oil or point makeup remover

(The volume one come off easily with warm water and this lengthening one doesn't)

Before/After applying ultra long mascara....

Bonavoce Ultra Volumn mascara
Price : SD$25.90

Ingredients list...
[Click to enlarge]

  • I enjoy using this mascara... spread out my lashes nicely
  • Give good volume
  • Intense glossy black finishing
  • doesnt feel too drying on the lashes
  • easy to remove with warm water
  • Doesn't smudge (but when pair with the lengthening mascara.. it smudges abit...)

All Haraju-cute products are available at Guardian Singapore.


Guardian Health and Beauty Facebook Page ::

Haraju-Cute! Facebook Page ::

Read about the Haraju-cute bloggers event ::

Read about the the rest of the haraju-cute boxes ::


Products were provided.
I'm not affiliated with StarAsia nor Guardian Health & Beauty

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K palette 1 Day Lash Perm Mascara

By everbluec · October 7, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Kpalette the highly popular Japanese makeup brand (best known for their long-lasting and award-winning range of 1 day Tattoo eye cosmetics) has launched their new mascara - 1 day Lash perm in September 2012.

K palette 1 Day Lash Perm Mascara
Price : SD$25.90

The 1 Day Lash Perm introduces a curl keep polymer, acrylates polymer that enales eyelashes to curl instantly with a single stroke. The polymer also reinforces the durability of the curl, ensuring that the curl effect lasts throughout the day.

Another ingredient added to this 1 Day Lash Perm is pullulan, which creates long and defined lashes that won't clump.

Design enhancement have been made to the brush, making it easy to use to create the desired stunning makeup effect. The brush application fit all eye shades and sizes.

  • The shorter side bristles of the brush makes it convenient to apply the mascara from the root of the lashes.
  • The convex curve and its ideal length of the brush curl and sweep the lashes upwards easily.
  • The pointed tip of the brush reaches the inner corner of the eyes and lengthens short lashes smoothly.




Took some pics at the BHG K-palette counters/mini stage set up for the "Eye Catching Moment" bloggers session.

K-palette invited their Japanese makeup artist Miko Yatsu for makeup demo and mak-over session for bloggers and customers.

Here are some shots of K-palette populars ... ^_^

I'm a fan of their liquid brow's liner (I'm still using it...) This is their lasting 2way eyebrow liquid liners (I don't use the powder side often.. but I"M so loving the liquid side.. cos these have different color tones as compare to their 1day tattoo brow liners)

  • 1 Day Tattoo - Lasting 2way eyebrow [Price : SD$21.90]   (swatches)
  • 1 Day Tattoo= Lasting eyebrow liquid liner  [Price : SD$18.90]  (review)

  • K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil - Waterproof (Super Black) [Price :: SD$19.90]
  • K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer   [Price :: SD$19.90]

writes up and mini review (Click Click)

K-palette O Teka Oil Control Mat Powder SPF15 PA+++
Price : SD$19.90 (I got this for my sis in 2010 when this first launched... tried it and forgot to do a review on it! Oops)

K-palette 24H Super Black Waterproof Eyeliner (Limited Edition)
Price : SD$19.90

This limited edtion design captured the highest number of votes in Japan out of the 10 design. Three new hydrating ingredients have been added to this limited edition eyeliner to boost its skin care properties in protecting the eye area on top of its beautifying qualities, namely, sodium hyaluronate, Prunus Persica(Peach) leaf extract and Swertia Japonica extract.

The bloggers goodies bag includes....

Price : SD$19.90

  • K-palette 24H Super Black Waterproof Eyeliner (Limited Edition)
  • 1 Day Lash perm mascara
  • 1 Day Tattoo Super black liquid liner
  • Eye shadow palette
  • K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer




Disclosure ::
Products were provided for consideration. I'm not affiliated with the company.

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Maybelline An Arresting Lash Revolution @ ZOUK

By everbluec · August 31, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

On the eve of our (Singapore) National Day - Aug 8th 2012... I was partying standing @ ZOUK with a group of friends (bloggers). Check out the cute invitation!

I'm not a clubbing person - but I do love the musics, the lighting and the "darkness" ... it just that I don't like "crowds". (lolx) Anyway, I have fun cos all my friends (most of them) were there... so I don't feel so lonely (It's sad and isolated when you feel lonely in a crowd!!! Don't you think so??)

They also set up a booth for the latest Maybelline's products which will be in Store in September 2012 with special discount.

Fashion show ....

Makeup demo by Larry yeo with Golden Tan (Host for this demo section).
Using the HyperCosmo eyeshadows.

Break time with breaking~

Check out that "washboard" abs!!!!! (Highlight of the show! Wahahahahaha)




Here.. the press kit I've received ... All the new products from Maybelline.



Maybelline Lashionista mascara
Price : SD$21.90

Maybelline New York, the eye expert and mascara market world leader, assembled a dedicated task force to invent the perfect mascara for Asian lashes. They toiled relentlessly to create Lashionista – a new generation ultra-lengthening, long-wearing, smudgeproof mascara like none before it.

The abundance of natural x-finity fibers which have the gravity-defying powers and is 4mm longer than normal fibers. An ultra-light film coats lashes, lifts them and keeps them in place for 24 hours of wear.  Washes off easily with warm water.

Will post up review on seperate entry once I try it out for a period of time ^_^

Ingredients list..
[Click to enlarge]




Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in Black
Price : SD$13.90

This liner delivers 10 times the shine of conventional eye liners.
With one swift stroke, it draws a sharp, vinyl-shiny line that frames your lashes with knife-sharp precision and dazzling shine. And despite its unfailing waterproof formula, it comes off cleanly with a gentle wipe of your regular eye makeup remover.




Maybelline HyperCosmos duo eyeshadow palettes (in 7 shades)
Price : SD$17.90

Covering a constellation of seven gorgeous shades, HyperCosmos is born of new baked eyeshadow technology: an innovative baking process that removes excess water pigments to make way for pure, intense, saturated colour. Adding lustre to colour, its divine not-too-dull-not-too-shiny shimmer arises from a unique combination of crushed pearls and pure pigments.

Each palette contains two complementary tones of marbelised colour for effortless mixing and blending.

Check out the swatches >>> here <<<




Maybelline Baby Lip Pink Glow Lip balm
Price : SD$6.90

Maybelline Baby Lips is back with two latest shades – Baby Lips Pink Glow Baby Pink and Baby Lips Pink Glow Pink Blast in new Mixed Berry flavor!

Baby Lips Pink Glow contains Color Blooming technology that have tone revealing pigments that react with your unique lip chemistry to reveal your perfect pink glow!

Lips are instantly moisturized for 8 hours and relieved from dryness with the formula infused with exclusive Botanical Cellular Repair Concentrate extracted from the miraculous Centella Asiatica.

Combining active care ingredients that deliver moisture, softness, repair and even line reduction with preventive ingredients such as SPF and an array of vitamins.

Click to enlarge...

Ingredients list...



All products will be available from September 2012 onwards.
Available at Watsons, Guardian, Sa Sa, selected department stores, major supermarkets and hypermarts.



Check out Maybelline Sg Facebook Page ::



More photos from the party ::




I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration.

This post contain information/images extracted from Press Kit and their facebook page.

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Canmake Agebuto Hyper-volume effect mascara

By everbluec · July 4, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Canmake Agebuto - Hyper-volume effect mascara that give you doll-like effect lashes.

An upward curl that lasts long time
● Keeps your lashes perfect for hours, with the same upward curl that you created with your eyelash curler in the morning! Gives a boost to stubbornly down-turned lashes!!!

Hyper-volume effect
● The rich fluid completely envelops your lashes, creating powerful volume.

Lifts and separates your lashes, fanning them out
● Lifts and separates beautifully, so that each lash stands out, making it difficult for your lashes to stick to each other!

Run prevention
● Highly resistant to sebum, preventing your mascara running onto your eyelids! No more blackened lower lids – leave the panda-eyed look behind you!

Waterproof effect
● Waterproof formulation that stands up to water, sweat and tears. Also protects your mascara from the effects of humidity.

Contains lash-conditioning agents
● Provides your lashes with gentle care, while you apply your mascara.

The Wide spiral brush helps the fluid to completely coat the lashes. The brush feel dense, full and abit stiff.
Stiff but not pokey. It coat and seperate the lashes well.

Bare lashes...

With 2 coats of mascara (I curled my lashes before applying mascara)

Side by side for easy viewing...
[Click on the images to enlarge]

  • The formula for this mascara is abit dry (I like it dry cos easy to coat and lengthen/volume without making a mess)
  • Does lengthen and thicken my lashes
  • It spread out my lashes nicely, giving a wide eye effect
  • Doesn't make my lashes look crumpy.
  • Mascara doesn't flake too
  • Waterproof and smudge proof (didn't give me any panda's eyes)
  • The mascara wasn't that pitch black, but good enough to darken the lashes.
  • My lashes remind curled after applying and it stay on for a good amount of hours.
  • Doesn't make my lashes feel too drying.
  • Easy to remove with eye makeup remover or waterbass makeup remover.



Price : SD$22.90
Available at Singapore Watsons.



Product was provided.

I'm not affiliated with Canmake.

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Heroine Make Princess Ball - Blogger's event

By everbluec · June 25, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Weeks ago attended the Heroine Make Princess Ball party held at the Heroine Made's office... A party to try out their eye's products (New and improved version)

At the pretty "reception" table, we each received a charm bracelet with our own initial and also getting our "eye" measured. (We came with "zero" eye's makeup)

I got "square" eye... lolx 1.5cm by 3cm!

I have afew similar bracelets lying around! kekekkee... but I don't mine adding more into my "collection".

The princess room - aka: meeting room! Kekekekkekee

Boxes of.....

Cupcake, mini donuts and marshmallow....


The is MINE~ lolx

Verlyn and Me with "Zero" eye makeup (Just sunblock and bbcream on me)

Below are a list of the products from Heroine Made available in Singapore ....

BB Creams...

Finishing face powders

My sis have tried these powder and she commented that they feel pretty nice, average oil control and it gave a nice soft finishing.

Heroine Made Eyelash curler

Heoine Make Mascara Remover and double eyelid's stickers.

Heroine Made Mascara remover (Price : 14.90)

More power(Stands well against stubborn mascaras)
Cares and conditions the lashes
Gentle and non-stinging to eyes

Heroine Made liquid liners

Heroine Made have 3 types of Mascaras... that gives different effects.

New and Improved Mascaras

(I've tried the lengthing mascara before.. NOT bad!!!)

Long & Curl Mascara (Price: SD$21.90)

Lengthening up! 120%
Long lasting Curls
Non-smudge, waterproof
Shinier and darker

Volume and Curl Mascara (Price : SD$ 21.90)

More volume, 130% Up!
Long lasting Curls
Non-smudge, waterproof
Shinier and darke

I've tried this mascara, Ming help me to get one from Hongkong! Loving the effect and everythings... BUT this smudges so badly on me!! Was wondering whether I got a bad copy :( ... cos Ming say she doesn't have any problems on smudges!!!!!

The goodies we received ~

After eyeliner and mascara (Oops!! I forgot to take a close up shot!!) And sadly, they didn't tell us(gave us back the card) the masurement ... 

Nevermind, I will recreate a basic look by using Heroine made liner and mascara soon on seperate entry.

It's a really simple girly party... I do enjoy it ^_^



Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the company.

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NEW Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara

By everbluec · June 17, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

[Sharing Product Launch]
Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara - created specifically to give eyes the look of false lashes.

As a renowned makeup artist, Laura really knows the dramatic impact of false lashes. With that in mind, she created her latest mascara to give real lashes extreme volume and length for intense exaggeration and drama.

The formula is extra-smooth, glossy and good-for-lashes, created with a blend of waxes and absolutely no fibers. Build rich, exaggerated lashes that are extraordinarily thick, supershiny and conditioned. You’ll never need to bother with false eyelashes again!


  • Wax blend of Carnauba, Beeswax and Jojoba deliver extraordinary volume and glossy conditioning
  • Acacia imparts extreme volume and creamy texture to the formula
  • Enhanced Colour Agents provide an intense black pigment for extreme colour payoff


The oversized brush builds thick, beautiful lashes. The dual sided brush head has short bristles on one side that provide maximum color deposit and long bristles on the other to allow for maximum buildability.

Laura’s technique: To get a false lash effect, Laura applies the mascara from root to tip, wiggling the brush up through the lashes. Use the short bristles to initially apply the mascara close to the base of the lashes, then use the long bristles to brush the mascara through the lashes to build volume. Repeat for added drama.


Launched in June(2012) @ Sephora [Singapore]
Comes in 1 shade [Black]
PRICE: SD$40 [10.50g]


Information was extracted from press file.

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Talika Lipocil and Black – Instant Seduction, luxuriant growth

By everbluec · May 30, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

[New Launch - Media event]

Talika recently launched their latest innovation, Lipocils & Black 2-in-1 eyelash growth stimulator and mascara.

They combine their famous eyelash stimulator serum together with a mascara!

Ingredients list...

Review will be up when I tried it for a period of time :)

Below are some of the pics, I took at the event..... The media event was held at Capella at Sentosa.

Here the existing ranges of eyelash growth stimulator

The press kit...

Talika Lipocil and Black, Talika eyelash cream and Talika gentle eye cleanser

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Shu Uemura 2012 Summer - Color atelier collection

By everbluec · May 22, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

[New Launch - Media event - swatches]

This summer, Shu uemura color atelier will be launching 19 new eye colors, giving limitless possibilities of creating sparkling eye makeup story. This brings the eye shadow catalogue to a total of 71 spectrums of colors. (WOW!)

The new season colors are inspired by the reflections on the surfaces of lakes in summer as they transform into tranquil mirrors - each new color promises tempting combinations to play around with wherever your mood takes you. Whether it  demure girly innocence, romantic and alluring, or sparkly hot and smoldering.

With 2 brand new textures

  • Chiffon soft and silky texture that glides on long lasting sparkles in a single sweep; or
  • Cream texture with new surface smoothing techology to define or prime your eyes.

[Click to enlarge]

Alongside of the new colors is the launch of the stretch extreme precise finish waterproof mascara, iconic eyelash curler in 24k gold body, glitter liquid liner, color pencils and a new limited edition casing.


Swatches for the drawing Pencil in Copper Brown and Olive...

Swatches for the Liquid glitter liner in Sparkling Silver and Sparkling Gold...


Close up on the new 19 colors -  including the 2 brand new textures (Chiffon soft and silky texture and Creamy texture)


G135 and IR115 <3<3<3 (Lately, I'm in love with "pink" eyeshadow shade!!!)

[Click to enlarge]

G251 - Deep rose gold <3<3<3<3

All the new colors are so pretty right?!?! I think I'm going to haul some where it launch in June

Below are the Chiffon soft and silky texture swatches...

These silk smooth eye shadow feel abit silicon-y... very smooth and doesn't feel chunky at all! These look much smoother and glowly/glittery when I swatched it... My camera kills the glam!! (lolx)

Creamy texture swatches...

The purple, bronzy brown and olive green... me likey...
All these creamy eyeshadows feel abit more moist as compare to their previous cream shadows(that was in jar form).. it took awhile to set.. best to apply eyeshadow on top to set it.


Below are some shots I took at the media launch event for Color atelier and Utlime 8 Cleansing oil.

The press kit...

Chiffon soft and silky texture in G909, New color G641 and Glow on blush in P541

Can't wait to play with the colors... Me loving the "seafoam" blue shades..


The new collection will be launched at all Shu Uemura beauty counters from June 2012

Pressed Eyeshadow refill - SD$22.00
Casing - SD$22.00
Extreme Precise Finish waterproof mascara - SD$50
Limited Edition 24K Gold eyelash curler - SD$32
Glow On blush refill - SD$33.00
Drawing Pencil - SD$34.00
Liquid Glitter liner - SD$36
(Price stated are in Singapore Dollars)

More about Shu Uemura Color atelier - [ Click ]



Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Shu uemura
Images and information were extracted from press file.

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KATE Cosmetics 2012 Spring Summer Makeup Collection

By everbluec · May 6, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

April 2012 (Singapore), Trend setting Japanese cosmetics brand - KATE launched their highly anticipated Spring Summer Collection that is perfectly in tune with the best looks of the season.




Stepping away from dramatic hues of Fall Winter to embrace the softer and more lustrous colors of Spring Summer. This collection focuses largely on creating softly shades, lightly textured and contoured eyes.

KATE Cosmetics sent me 3 products from this new collection to try it out and review.
(I will try these out for sometimes before I update with a Look/review entry on these 3 products.)


Kate Real Create Eyes
Price: SD$27
Comes in 5 different colors : pink, brown, orange, green and blue

A five shade eyeshadow palette designed specially to create large “real 3D” eyes through a fine balance of light and dark colours. The palette consists of Clear Jelly which increases translucency and lustre, Clear Real Colour that contains light-transmitting pearl powder, and three gradation monotone colours to create deeply contoured eyes.


KATE real create eye in BU-1 (Blue)



[Taken with flash]

Swatches in various lighting...


Kate Art Dial Mascara
Price: SD$27

Bold and revolutionary, the Kate Art Dial Mascara is fitted with a tilted comb applicator that lengthens, maximises and curls lashes all at once.

The comb allows excellent lash separation, preventing possible clumping while fully coating each strand evenly. The lashes are simultaneously lifted from the base and curled or lengthened according to preference, with the lift and curl maintained by a fast-drying adhesive fluid.

The Kate Art Dial Mascara also prevents the mascara from drying up prematurely by a special twisting mechanism that dispenses fluid only when the dial-comb is turned. A great choice for lower lashes as well.

Twist to release mascara wax...

Twisted out the mascara wax...
The amount shown in the pic below are about 4 twists(to show you how it look when the wax flow out). Normally 1 to 2 twists is enough.


Kate Deep Liquid Eyeliner (Waterproof)
Price: SD$23.50
Available in Black and Brown

Create dramatic and attention grabbing eyes with KATE Deep Liquid Eyeliner, a superior fade-resistant liquid eyeliner that draws sharp dense lines to accentuate the eyes.

Also contain "concealing black" pigments for better colouration.




KATE Dual Liner
Price: SD$23.50
A unique double function eyeliner, comes complete with a liquid liner and brown powder for outlining and blending. The new flat felt tip of the liquid liner allows both fine and broad lines to be drawn with ease.

The color blending tip on the other hand can be easily applied to create beautiful gradations on the outer corners of the eyes.

KATE Super Sharp Liner
Price: SD$17
Available in Jet Black, Natural Black and natural brown.

Comes with an ultra thin brush that enables the finest lines to be drawn smoothly. Higher fade-resistance had been achieved via a newly developed sebum-forming agent, making KATE Super Sharp Liner impervious to sweat and moisture. Increased pigments also allow for better coloration and deeper blacks.


KATE Cream Cheek
Price: SD$20.50
Available in 4 shades

Comes in popular shades of pink to create a natural and radiant finish, complemented by a soft lustre and long -lasting color.

KATE Eye Shadow JC
Price: SD$14.50
Available in 2 shades

Works as a gel eye makeup base, providing a shimmering pearl powder that asheres perfectly to the skin to create long lasting transparency and shine.


KATE Mineral BB Gel Cream SPF 30 PA++
Price: SD$25.50
Available in 3 shades to suit all major Asian Skin types.

An Ultimate all-in-one solution for skin coverage. Serving as a makeup base, foundation, sunscreen and emulsion. The KATE mineral BB gel cream comes in a light, gel like texture and has moisturizing effects like a cream.

It spreads smoothly without becoming sticky and maintains good skin adhesion for a long period of time. Double-effect mineral powder covers visible pores while multiple moisturizing agents prevent the skin from dryness.


The collection will be available from May 2012 onwards at selected BHG, Guardian Pharmacy, OG, John Little, Metro, Nishino Pharmacy, SASA cosmectics and Watsons.


Informations extracted from Press release
Images source from KATE Cosmetics
Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with KATE Cosmetics, products were provided for trying out.

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Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

By everbluec · April 12, 2012 · 0 Comments ·


In March 2012 Lancôme launched their most flirtatious Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara.
A volumized, extended and full lash fringe mascara for a wide-eye look. It is also Lancôme's first fragranced mascara, scented with light notes of Jasmine Petals, Turkish Rose and Magnolia.

Click to read more.....


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