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Posts for May 28th 2012

SKINFOOD's new Red Orange Moisture Sun Base Line.

By everbluec · May 28, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Skinfood launched the Red Orange makeup line - A lightweight, cooling base makeup collection for summer that keeps skin hydrated while protecting skin against the UV rays.

Skinfood always come out with interesting products... Red Orange as one of the active ingredients, it just sound so yummy and oh so soothing... right? (No?)

I remember I read somewhere that red-hued fruits are naturally high in anti-oxdants.
So I googled and found this article::

Red-hued fruits are
>>> naturally rich in antioxidants that can tamper inflammation
>>> can be effective as cancer fighting agent
>>> carotenoids
are found in all vibrantly red-hued fruits
Primary dietary carotenoids include lutein, beta-carotene, lycopene and beta-cryptoxanthin, all of which act as antioxidants in the body. Results from a variety of epidemiological studies indicate that a high intake of lycopene-rich foods can reduce the risk of several types of cancers, most notably prostate cancer.

Sound great right??


Skinfood Red Orange Jelly BB SPF20 PA++
Price:: SD$26.90
Lightweight BBcream with unique pudding like texture that provides all day hydration with 70% water-based formula. It also help in tightens enlarged pores for flawless coverage.

Come in 2 shades: No.1 Light Beige and No2 Natural Beige


  • Customers who seek hydrating BBcream
  • Customers who want a lightweight base makeup
  • Customers who want coverage for enlarge pores



House in this little glass jar....


Skinfood Red Orange Sun Pact SPF50 PA+++
Price:: SD$35.90
A convenient compact powder plus sunscreen that creates a translucent complexion with a nice subtle shimmer while providing powerful protection against sun exposure.

This clear type Sun Pact contain Red Orange extract that help to create a bright and lively skin tone along with sebum absorbing powder which help to keep skin fresh.


  • Customers with oily skin
  • Customers who seel for sunscreen that is convenient to re-apply



Skinfood Red Orange Sun Powder SPF45 PA+++
Price:: SD$33.90
An airy-light loose powder plus sunscreen that creates a translucent complexion with a nice subtle shimmer while providing powerful protection against sun exposure. It contain extra fine particles and revitalizing extracts from Red Orange that help in correct skin tone and create smooth and glowing skin.


  • Want a light coverage foundation
  • Want finer-milled powder
  • Want to create smooth skin with subtle shimmer


*Mesh Lid:
Grinds the powder as it is released to ensure an even spread of the powder even on oily or damp skin to maximize the blooming effects.


Skinfood Red Orange Makeup Finish
Price:: SD$21.90 [Available in 2 types : Matte or Glossy]

Matte Type
A mist-type makeup fixer that absorbs excess sebum to hold makeup in place and keep skin matte through the day.

Target for oily skin including males.

Glossy Type
A mist-type make-up fixer that creates ceramic smooth skin with a luscious shimmer. This low viscosoty oil formula add luminosity to dull dehydrated summer skin.

Target for dry and flaky skin

The one I have is matte - I'm more interested in glossy type!! Need to check out the store!!!!


  • Shake well before use.
  • Mist over face from a distance of atleast 30cm
  • Use after makeup to ensure makeup looks fresh all day.




I still haven't try out the products yet..... soon and after using it for a period of time, will do a review on it.


Price list
Skinfood Red Orange Makeup Finish - Price :: SD$21.90
Skinfood Red Orange Sun Powder SPF45 PA+++ - Price :: SD$33.90
Skinfood Red Orange Sun Pact SPF50 PA+++ - Price :: SD$35.90
Skinfood Red Orange Jelly BB SPF20 PA++ - Price :: SD$26.90


Skinfood Singapore facebook page :: http://www.facebook.com/skinfoodSG

Skinfood Singapore Website :: http://www.skinfood.sg


Products were sent for me to reviewing, I'm not affiliated with Skinfood Sg.
Images and Information were extracted from press file and their facebook page.

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[Giveaway] Lancôme Rouge in Loves Deluxe samples

By everbluec · May 28, 2012 · 0 Comments ·


Lancome will be officially launching Rouge in Love on 1st June 2012 and to celebrate the launch Lancome had offered to giveaway 3 deluxe size samples to you.

Read about the media launch event >> here <<

All you have to do is watch the Love your lips video and answer

“Who is the popular actress featured in the video?

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/p_i37HLwBTY" frameborder="0" height="360" width="640"></iframe>


Comment below with.......
1) Email Addresss
2) Answer
3) I assume you will be log on to comment (if not, please do remember to leave your name)

This is a quick giveaway contest and it will ended on 31st May 2012 (midnight).
I'm sorry to say that this giveaway is only vaild for those who live in Singapore.

I will randomly pick  3 winners and notify you thru email.

Have fun and Good luck <3



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Fresh Dog All Natural Dry Shampoo Powder and Waterless Bath Foam Shampoo for Dogs and Puppies

By everbluec · May 28, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

[Launch + Product review + spamming on peapea and buibui pics]

This post would be a beauty post for pooches. You all may be familiar with my Peapea and Buibui(I hope so...), since they are my "models" in this blog(unwilling- lolx).

Received Fresh Dog All Natural Dry Shampoo Powder and Waterless Bath Foam Shampoo, all the way from America 4 weeks ago and it's arrived in a box (shown in the pic below)

Peapea and buibui first sponsored item! Wee~  I'm an excited! (Kekekeke)

[I blocked away both addresses]

The bath foam (liquid product) was placed in a hot sealed plastic bag to prevent leakage.
Great packaging - because, the plastic bag was abit damp inside and when I tear away the plastic bag, the screw top was abit loose.  (Phew~ else I will have dry shampop paste inside the box!!)


About Fresh Dog

Lock & Mane have gone one step further, triggered in part, by Lock & Manes founder, John C. Cascarano's new baby girl and his dog Hammy, they introducing Fresh Dog a 100% natural and pH balanced.

Just like the founder, I have been thinking about using my dry shampoo(I love using dry shampoo) on Buibui when I see her coat looking shiny and when she scratching herself!! But I didn't, because... I'm afraid that it will cause harm on their body due to the type of ingredients uses.


Peapea... [sniff sniff sniff].. my little custom....

Why all pooches always feel like it's the end of the world when trying to give them a good bath, BUT always so happy when playing with water?!?! (They all get wet either way but the state of mind are totally different!)

The pics of Peapea and Buibui below are in shorter coats... cos dad just groomed them 3 weeks ago.


Fresh Dog All Natural Dry Shampoo Powder

Fresh Dog Dry Shampoo is a gentle, easy-to-use, deodorizing and fur-freshening powder.

Instantly revives, detangles and rejuvenates that pretty coat and soaks up yucky buildup, all with perfect pH balance. It lets you clean your best friends and make them smell perfectly fresh without the need for a messy bath.

It's dry shampoo for dogs!

Close up on the fine powder...

Ingredients list...


Buibui have thick coat and it doesn't dry as fast as peapea..  this will result in skin problems if we bath her too often. So with the help of grooming powder or dry shampoo. We don't need to bath her as often (like once a week)

Applying on the back and front... avoiding Buibui's face (I scare she will lick or inhale the powder - anyway, I normally use wet tissue to wipe her face/tear duct areas and mouth)

I love seeing dog lying on their back ... ^__^

Clean and nice smelling Buibui ^_^

I like this dry shampoo alot!! I believe Buibui like it too.. cos whenever I see her scratch her body.. I will apply a bit of the dry shampoo on that area.. it does help to relief some of the itch! (I guess).

And this dry shampoo does takes away the grease on her fur (The grease mainly came from us.. cos we hug and touching them) and the fur feel clean with refreshing scent!

Buibui does enjoy the dry shampoo~ing time... well mainly for the massage. I also find that Buibui doesn't scatches her body as often as before. (Yesh!!!)

This is by far, the best dog's powder products I've ever tried - and in our local pet's store, we don't carry a wide range of dry shampoo or grooming powder.

(I haven't try this on Peapea yet, cos I wanna focus one product on each dogs for a period of time to see the effect!)



Fresh Dog Waterless Bath Foam Shampoo

Fresh Dog Waterless Bath Foam Shampoo is quick and easy way to freshen your best friend between traditional baths. It cleans and conditions even the most mischievous dogs and puppies without water or rinsing.

Foams quickly - just massage pets clean.

For all hair/fur types, this anti-static, stress-free formula repels dirt and leaves no sticky residue.

Ingredients list...

Trying Waterless Bath foam shampoo on Peapea...

He didn't like it!! But I still manage to apply and massage the foam all over him.

You'll think that he will get used to it after sometimes... NOPE, everytimes I use the bath foam, he will react the same way! lolx (I should have try dry shampoo on peapea instead right, cos it doesn't have the "wet" feeling)

Apply the foam all over the body until the fur is wet....

OOOh... I like this too, but peapea doesn't! lolx
I find that it cleanse very well, I can see that the coat look much cleaner (just like after showering), feel softer and smoother. Smell refreshingly good! But this is abit messy to use as compare to dry shampoo (minus the powdery floor!)

The foam get kinda thick very fast (feel like I need to add some water to lather up- that type of texture) and become abit hard to spread out.... best to apply on a small area at a time.It does took abit time to towel dry Peapea's coat.



I find that both products are a good alternative for wet towel(baby wipes)!! I always use baby wipes to clean them after their walks, or when I feel that they look abit greasy but still too soon to bath them.

Totally love using dry shampoo on Buibui. I need to try it on Peapea soon, I think he will prefer dry shampoo over the bath foam!


Normally after showering, Peapea and Buibui will chase after each others and sniffing each others.... so after using dry shampoo and waterless bath foam on both of them... they do the same too!!


A little bit on Lock & Mane::



Fresh Dog All Natural Dry Shampoo Powder - Price :: USD$15.00
Fresh Dog Waterless Bath Foam Shampoo - Price :: USD$12.00
Fresh Dog Happy Dog Bundle: Dry Shampoo and Waterless Foam Combo - Price :: USD$27.00


Purchase Fresh Dog products on Lock & Mane or Fresh Dog website.
Lock & Mane Website ::: http://shop.lockandmane.com/s?searchKeywords=fresh+dog&Action=submit
Fresh Dog Website ::: http://freshdog.com/



Lock & Mane Blog ::: http://blog.lockandmane.com/

Lock & Mane Facebook Page ::: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lock-Mane/140570743857

Fresh Dog Facebook Page ::: http://www.facebook.com/myfreshdog

Fresh Dog Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/#!/myfreshdog

Join in the fun and tweet about your pooches and bath experiences on #BathsSuck or #Freshdog on twitter.


Disclaimer: Products were provided by Lock & Mane & FreshDog.
I'm not affiliated with the company.

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