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Anna Sui tea party and Autumn collection preview

By everbluec · August 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

ON Friday the 13th(Yeah.. a scary "date" but a wonderful "day"), attended the Anna Sui Tea Gathering/Autumn collection preview at ION Orchard Marmalade Pantry (Yum)

Before we start order anythings.. We saw these and can't wait to check them out!

Look at the beauty mess we've made... I have a rush to sweep all these babies into my bag(lolx). 

Some random shots of the eyeshadows (Single and Duo)

Random swatches.. the eyeshadows feel really smooth 

The box packaging!

Look at the lovely packaging.. the mother-of-pearl type of shine <3 

Concealer and Eye brightener

Swatches of 02 concealer and Eye brightener 

I saw this display(done by Christy) and I have to take a shot!(lolx)

Mag, Sara and me

Christy and ME

Flower on our tables 

MY yummy Ice Coffee!
Vanilla bean, ice cream, milk and expresso

Love the Steak Sandwiches 

Christy ordered the crabmeat pasta(not sure the full name)
But It was yummy!(I'm not a crab fan.. but the sauce was really NICE) 

After a long, products seeing, yummy foods and drinks and tons of funny stories
We move over to the Anna Sui road show on Level 1 of Wisma

New collection counter

The one on the far right was from the pass collection(it's glittery blk) 

And the goodies bag! NICE!!!!!

Price list and infos on the products

Set of two shades of eye shadow in one palette; a pearly shade and a deep shade that creates depth.
The polarized pearly shade can be layered over deep shade, and provides a magical gradation causing the color to change intricately.
The pigments and pearls in the shadow are coated with silicone which provides a soft texture.
The colors do not turn dull easily and stay fresh and vibrant when applied on to the lid.

Shades (7 Duo shades)
Funky Violet Nuance (01)
Soft Blue Green Nuance (02)
Cool Green Nuance (03)
Cool Blue Nuance (04)
Feminine Purple Nuance (05)
Mysterious Blue Nuance (06)
Spicy Green Nuance (07)

Single EYE COLOR Price: SD$35
A total of 25 new shades.
A special formula has been created to provide a superior fit for the powder and a lasting finish when applied to the eyelid.
The powder clings evenly to the skin so the vivid colors spread evenly as well, providing a vibrant finish.

Silver White (001)
Platinum Silver (002)
Shiny Gray (003)
Diamond Black (004)
Icy Blue (100)
Turquoise Blue (101)
Mid Blue (102)
Ice Purple (200)
Magenta Purple (201)
Violet (202)
Quartz Purple (203)
Arch Pink (300)
Jewel Pink (301)
Rose Pink (302)
Joy Pink (303)
Anna Red (400)
Royal Brown (500)
Brown (501)
Brilliant Orange (600)
Sheer Beige (700)
Shine Gold (800)
Yellow (801)
Golden Yellow (802)
Light Green (900)
Ever Green (901)

Brighten up undereyes, the product dries to create flexible cosmetic film.
Creates a natural, silky luster and can be used on not only the eyelids but also other areas that need to be brightened, like under the eyes or over cheek bones.
It can also create an enhanced, three dimensional expression.
Can be use a eyeshadow's base to helps eye color cling to the lid and makes the color last longer

Available in 3 shades (Light, Medium and Dark Tones) to match all skin tones, the Spot Concealer provides full coverage of blemishes, freckles and dark spots. It is specially formulated to adhere smoothly to the skin and reflect light, for flawless looking skin.

Available in 5 sparkling shades and infused with glitter, these colors will brighten up any hand for the Autumn season!
Glassy Pearl Clear (011)
Glassy Pearl Blue (108)
Glassy Pearl Purple (209)
Glassy Pearl Pink (320)
Glassy Pearl Brown (504)

Compact and Portable! Mini Rouge V can be attached to a cell phone as a charm, or a key chain - always accessible!
3 Glossy vivid colors go on smoothly to provide a bright, slick, glossy finish.

Vivid Red (01)
Vivid Pink (02)
Vivid Purple (03)

I wanna thanks Joyce, Mei(Sinkid) and Lawrence(Anna Sui) for the wonderful Dinner and goodies (Thanks for the invitation)

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posted by

i like this new exquisite packaging, beautiful ! the eye duo price is kinda EX =_=

posted by

Super pretty! :D SUPER GREAT goodie bag! Haha. :) And the Marmalade Pantry is super expensive la!

posted by

I saw the collection in JB the other day at Metrojaya. LOVED the dark blue (single e/s) and was so tempted. It was retailing at RM77 (that's $32 taking the exchange rate to be 2.3) ... so that's like a saving of $2.. If i'm not mistaken the duos were at RM99. That's $43.. hey that's a whopping saving of $8.
Yeah so the bf asked me if I really really needed it and I was like "erm no..." and walked away... Hehehhehe Might go check out the eye brightener and spot concealor soon :)

posted by

I love the pacakaging and want to try their lipstick and mascara base (:

posted by

your pooch looks like he's worn out from all the swatching :)

posted by dblchin/clara

The packaging is really nice! I looks uberly girly~!

posted by

Anna Sui's packagings are PRETTTTTYYYYYY!!!!

posted by

Verlyn: Ya.. $51 was abit much.. but just it abit cheaper to get 2 singles(lolx)

Anyway.. the duo eyeshadows was so PRETTY!! In the pan.. it look pretty normal.. but when applied.. the sheen was OMY. (I wore the blue out today and it doesn't crease on me.. I'm using kate gel shadow as base! lolx)

Rusty: I find the prices quite reasonable.. cos the potion was huge and it was yummy! (lolx)
But SD$9+ for a cup(blender cup?) of ice coffee(with ice-cream was abit much.. like around SD$3 more compare to starbucks) lolx

posted by

Hazel: He was too tired to even try to sniff the bag I put beside him( normally.. his nose will be inside the bag).

Michelle: Their mascara base good???

Clara, Mya: Yes.. the packaging was so pretty... I kept it on my table. so that I can look at it all the time(lolx)

posted by

AtreyuAngel : The prices was abit cheaper for the duo in Malaysia! Quite worth to get it there!

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