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Maquillage Eyes creator, Brow wax and Rouges

By everbluec · March 15, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

((Part 1))
Shisedo Maquillage gave me these products to review(What's better way to review makeup... A LOTD ^__^)
Before I get into the LOTD... let see what I got and the swatches.

She let me choose between BE763 and VI767 (SD$69)
I chose BE763 (cos some purples don't look good on me)

Swatches:: Only the pink and the gold have bright and tiny glitters where the taupe color is just a frost
On the right were the cream swatches.

Maquillage have 5 new eyes creator(3D palettes)

Brow's wax!! (I have been wanting to try this after I read about it on Cleo) SD$34

Swatches and compare with the brow's mascara/set I have in my stash
(beside the brow wax were the lip's swatches)

Comparing to MAC browset and Dariya Palty brow mascara

Swatching on paper towel (cos I notice that the back of my hand were very shiny..)
When I swatching these on paper towel..

The Maquillage brow wax was the lightest, but surprisingly not as light as Dariya Palty brow mascara when I applied on my brows.

From left to right: Maquillage, MAC and Dariys Palty

I wet my finger and start rubbing the swatches of the brow's set/mascara/wax
WOW at the Maquillaga's brow wax... I love how long wearing and good staying power of MAC browset...
But look at the Maquillage brow's wax... even more smudge proof then MAC browset!
Next time, I'm going to try Maquillage out on a hot and humid day to see how well it last!

For the Brow wax, they have 3 shades

Lasting Perfect Rouge RD559 (i got the darker shade in the whole colleciton) SD$49

Glossy Perfect Rouge RD519 (SD$49)
(This look dark.. but it more like a lipgloss pink)

Can see swatches from above(under the brow wax swatches)
Anyway, below are the lip's swatches

Both lip's products were very moisturizing. (I don't use alot of lip products before so i can't compare it.)
I don't really adore dark lip colors, cos I find that it make me look abit too much! lolx
Oh it's more moisturizing compare to MAC(Lustre and Frost) lipstick, I got from the previous entry 

After I clean off the swatches (I just run my hand under running water from tap and wipe it off with tissue)
The lasting perfect rouge was really long lasting!

Maquillage Lasting Perfect Rouge and Glossy Perfect Rouge = SD$49 (each)
3D Eyes Creator palette = SD$69 (each)
Eyebrow Wax  = SD$34

Part 1: LOTD
Part 2: 2nd LOTD  

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Shisedo Maquillage, they didn't paid me to do this.. all reviews were base on my own thoughts.
Products from Maquillage were given to me to review (MAC and Dariya Palty were purchased with my own money)



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posted by

the graphics on the cream shadows are sooo cute :)

posted by

the eyes creator looks pretty!

posted by

@littlefrozengirl: The graphie won't last long! lolx... once I swatch it... part of it was gone!

@Joyce: It look very pretty.. but the pink and taupe was too light! But I love the gold shade ^___^

posted by

ooh you got some goodies! those lipsticks look good!

posted by

Wow you lucky girl! :D The meticulous shell detailing is a very nice touch.

I think the second lipstick (RD 559) looks great on you; maybe you'll be official converted to a (red?) lipstick lover too! ;)

posted by

Your lips looks so soft! :)

posted by

Thanks Liana ^__^

musicplayson... the Glossy Perfect Rouge is really moisturizing!!! It kinda make my lips look more supple! :)

posted by

AB:: Ahh.... I donno, red kinda look too loud on my face! I still not getting use to having darker colors on my lips.

posted by

We got the same palette and browset! I haven't tried the palette out yet (haven't worn makeup since I got it! Lol) but swatching it the colors look so pretty and reflective. So sad there weren't any nude lipstick shades available, got pinks and reds too.

posted by

Wow... I was thinking why they give us the Green one (the other LE palette.. the green look brights and yummy! heehee) Agree the eyeshadows look very pretty.. light but not pastel(luckily).

Yes.. but the lightest shade of the glossy perfect rouge look really pretty on the model. (I was wondering why they gave me all the dark shades! Hahaha)

posted by

Oh ya, sara.. I find it weird that they never ask for my name when I collected the stuff. (Did they ask for you name and ects???)

posted by

Nope none at all, so strange right! haha. I didn't think about it at first but now that you've mentioned it... it's odd.

posted by

Oh you didn't tell her to change lipstick shades or anything?
And yesss the shadows are all rather shimmery though, so that's quite different for me. Not a huge shimmer freak, lets see if they can convert me. haha!


argh!!!!!!!!!! i forgot to collect my stuff today!!! Fell zZzzz!!

posted by

Sara...weird right (anyone can just go there and they claim that they were send over to ask for it! lolx)
I didn't knew that we can exchange the lip colors! :( (wasted) Anyway...I still find that the shadows were too glittery.. but it does brighten up my eyes (so I guess it's not a good choice to use all 3 shade at once)

Sophia: lolx... I think you will love the lipsticks.

posted by

Wow! Lucky you, Chantanalove! Can;t wait for all of your reviews. ;)

posted by

Mya, I already did a LOTD using the products ^__^

posted by

Yeah. I saw the post in the tracker but have not clicked onto it yet. :p

posted by

Yeah that's why!
True. I'm going to try them all together for the review's sake and see if I like it. But I think I personally wouldn't use them all in one shot, I'll mix some more matte or sheen-ed shadows in.

Yesss, I think Sophia would like the lipsticks, smooth and moisturizing!

posted by

I can't wait to see your review. Since we got the same palette I can get some ideas from you! :x


note to self - remember to collect the products and send out giveaway prizes tomorrow after my sentosa event. LOL


and I forgot :x

posted by

Haha okay :X
I had best get started with using it soon then!

posted by

Lolx at Sophia :x

posted by Anonymous

whered you find all these products?

posted by

@Anonymous: All Maquillage products were given to me by Shisedo's company for reviewing.
For purchases you can get this at their counters (For Singapore- Takashimaya have a Maquillage counter)

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