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LOTD: Maquillage 3D eyes creator

By everbluec · March 15, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

((Part 2))

Product Used::

on my face
-ZA True White Day Protector Sunscreen SPF26 PA++ 
-Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder foundation in Pure Finish 02
-Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in 1W1 Bone 17 as undereye concealer
-Set undereyes concealer(before foundation) with DIY silica base loose powder
and after foundation for the smooth/poreless effect and oil control
(You can skip these step becos it's not really a MUST do step)
-MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombre on cheeks (Loving it!!!)
-Maquillage Glossy Perfect Rouge in RD519 on lips

on my eyes::
-TFSI base(primer)
-Using Maquillage Eyes creator palette in BE763 (Following the directions from the box)
-Using MAC MSF in light for highlight (can use any matte skintone eyeshadow)
-Majolica Majorca Lash bone (The first version) (i coat)
-Majolica Majorca's Lash Enamel Garmour Volume on (1 costs)
-Majolica Majorca's brow crayon on tails
-Maquillage brow wax in 77(Yellow brown)

The shades were more brighter when see in person.
It does brighten up my eyes (Hmm.. think it the fine glitters from the shadows)
Anyway... I prefer darker colors... I will create a look with a darker base in Part 3
(From this palette, I love the darker cream base/liner and the Gold shadow(#4))

Lets check out the brows in different lighting
I only using the MM's Brows crayon on the tails (No filling in my brows with any shade)
And the brow wax, even though it was the light, it doesn't look goldish like Dariya Palty brow's mascara.
The colors of my lids should look abit Goldish.. my camera just didn't pick up the color well!

Below are the 2 pics taken without flash

It doesn't look anything like the poster :( I should widen more of the dark cream liner/base on my outer corners.
I love the lip color.. she's using Perfect glossy Rouge in PK715


I like the texture of the eyeshadows.. soft and easy to blend. It would be a "plus" if they have a matte highlight shade(cos all the colors were shimmeing/frosty/glittery)

Check out Part 1: Tiny review/swatches on the products Shisedo Maquillage sent me.
Check out Part 3:  2nd LOTD using the Maquillage products

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Shisedo Maquillage, they didn't paid me to do this.. all reviews were base on my own thoughts and experiences.  Products from highlight in Blue were given to me from Shisedo and Elizabeth Arden to try/review
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in 1W1 Bone 17 was given to me by dear Sophia ^__^

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posted by

aw, you're so pretty and cute at the same time! :)

posted by

Gosh..the Ripe Peach Blush looks so good on you!
Now i regret for not buying it. Everywhere sold out!

posted by

Wow! Love this LOTD.. Especially the blusher and lip colour!

posted by

Hey Chantana,
The whole look is very pretty and you look so fresh! I was deliberating over the Ripe Peach blush yesterday but decided to pass on it. After seeing your pics, am having second thoughts. Also thinking about whether to get the Maquillage blue/green limited edition palette. Too many temptations...

posted by

Ooh light shadows look very nice on you, Chantana! You should definitely don them more often! The pictures of you above look very sweet and doe-eyed. :)

posted by

u look nice with the lip rouge, can start venturing into some lip products eh? :p heehee

posted by

Ripe Peach Blush looks so good on you!

posted by

YEs... I really love Ripe Peach! Iris you should get it! lolx Agree too many temptation... I was looking at the rouges... I means the lightest shades all look really nice~

Amy... When I look at my stash and saw that I have 8 lip sticks... I knew I won't stop adding in new colors! Heehee (I feel like getting a cream nude pink one) Any brands to recommend? (I saw the YSL one look really gorgeous on Sophia blog... hahaha)

posted by

Liana: Thanks ^__^
azza:: I didn't want to get Ripe Peach at first... but after swatching it and I can't stop thinking about it! lolx
I heard Michelle/kim(?) said that they have more stock over at Vivo MAC.

glitzy: Thanks ^__^

posted by

AB: Really? Thanks. I'll try to do more! heehee

Michelle: Thanks :x

posted by

Ooh I like your blush color! I scrolled up and checked out what it was and was bummed. Darn it, why am I attracted to the blush ombres, cannot spend! haha.

posted by

Sara: If only this wasn't a LE collection. Oh well... it not really a must have.. I guess :^__^

posted by

Yeah the colors are pretty, but I think it's repeated in a lot of korean/japanese makeup brands. Though it's nice to have them all paired like that in a palette with a HUGE mirror. haha.

posted by

Very pretty neutral look!

posted by

Sara: Agree.. the colors were very common (and the palette was very interesting.. each pan can be taken out and replace with their single pan shadows.) Good for travelling (if only they have more intense color range! lolx)

posted by

Thanks ladeekim ^__^

posted by

Yeap the lady told me that but I'm too afraid to try. I did wiggle it abit but it didn't seem loose enough to take out. I didn't want to try my luck else I slip up and chip the shadow. Did you manage to take it out though?

posted by

Yup.. I mangaed to take out the cream one. I didn't dare to try the shadows one... cos it was too close together... like you scare that I will chip the shadow with my nails...lolx

posted by

I think... I not so used in seeing your lips so red.. hahhax...
But if I don't know you, I will think your lips is very nice.. But now, I not used to it so red! *grabs hair*

posted by

ming: hahahhaaa

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