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LOTD: Basic- trying out new foundation + browset + mascara

By everbluec · March 1, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

In this LOTD, almost everythings I used were new! 
I'm using Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder foundation with SPF 20 in Pure Finish 02(Not reviewing this yet.. cos I just start using it!), Majolica Majorca's Lash Bone Black fiber In and Lash Enamel Garmour Volume on and Dariya Palty Brow's mascara in Golden Brown.


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posted by

All 3 new products are quite appealing! So from the 3, i will minus the eyebrow because I already got one same shade as my hair, so far so best! haha..
I will THINK about the mascara (maybe lets see if you don't apply the fibre, what it will look like.. I have so little and thin lashes, it will look even less volume than yours.) and meanwhile trying to check out the other volume mascaras..
I will also THINK of EA mineral.. since you say its pinkish.. I duno if its on me, what it will look like.. My skin is so yellow! Gahh...

posted by

Ming: I think cos my face already reddish/pinkish.. but it still look less pinkish than those mineral I used before(remember loreal.. how tan I look! lolx)

And.. I think you will sure LOVE the after you remove the makeup! Face so smooth!!! Even smoother then the edm one.. (the ingredients of VItamin A, C and E- Squalane and aloe does do what it said... and with just one time using already can feel the effect liao)

Tomorrow going to try to use this foundation with my edm flat top see how! hahaha.. and then dust some of the ELF Complexion Perfection Powder (the one have green in it) to see if can correct the redness ^__^

posted by

So they only have 01 and 02 shades? No more darker than that?? If have I want to test their colour too!!.. Woot, really feel like buying liao *images money fly out from ATM card*

posted by

no la.. got like 6 to 8 shades. (03 too dark liao.. cos 02 already atiny bit dark (I'm in between 01 and 02 actually..I think 01 can.. but I scare no coverage.)

I can pass you some to try.

posted by

the MJ primer + mascara makes ur lashes look long and thick, can see them far far away :)

posted by

Yes.. it does make it thicker But can see the lashes on my left(from the pics) are too clumpy! lolx ... but I still like the thickness


the brow set is quite 'shimmery'? esp in the last eye picture with flash.
the mascara looks really 'open up your eyes' but could also be that you are nt wearing eye makeup so the lashes are more outstanding.

question. why do you need to 'set' the powder foundation with a silica powder? i tot only cream/ liquid foundations need to be set with powder. :)

posted by

Sophia, the browset does look abit shimmer under bright lighting.. but look pretty ok on normal lights.

I think it was becos of no eye makeup. lolx

It does feel abit different when I set it with silica .. main reason was for the oil control.
It also blur out my pores and make my face feel silky smooth.

posted by

Ooh same same~ I find the EA foundation can be a bit pink for me as well. I have it in the shade 03, cause 02 was too light for me, but yes, pinkish! Trying to counter it by dusting some yellow-ish setting powder... but I wish it matched the skin undertone a bit better because everything else about it is pretty good.

The new primer is quite similar to the old one? Okay good good, Don't need to spend more on getting it or lemming after it. haha!

posted by

Yes, sara... I also wish that it matched my skin undertone abit better.

Ya, can save money on the lash bone since you already have the old version. It feel the same on me! lolx...

As for the mascara!! It GOOD(Now best time to get it also, since watsons having 20% discount!!)... it have the similar effect of having lash bone on when I'm using the coverrgirl lash blast mascara... but this mascara lengthen abit more!!

posted by

Oooh similar effect plus more lengthening sounds good to me! Thanks for the review :D

posted by

You're welcome Sara ^__^

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