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Haul: Dariya Palty Brow's mascara!

By everbluec · February 28, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Remember the lemming entry about Dariya Palty brow's mascara I've blogged about couple weeks ago? The link from the Taiwanese's blogger was meant for wholesales... so I bought it from ebay (from a Taiwanese seller that my friend's Ming purchased before, to play safe.)

The tiny spoolie!
<a href="http://www.everbluec.com/2010/02/haul-dariya-palty-brow-mascara.html">

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Ooh I saw this on ebay (don't know if it's the same seller) back when you posted your earlier Dariya post. I was trying to google where to purchase it. haha. The color looks super pigmented! I'm looking for the light brown one (lighter reddish color), but am wondering if I should get the golden brown ones.. depending if I'm going to go blonde or go back to being a red head.

posted by

I feel like trying the other shades also.. as this one was really golden brown (but I think it will work well with my brow pencil)

Just now when I swatched it on the back of my hand, when it dries.. I cannot feel anything... it doesn't feel like mascara texture at all.. very smooth! I wonder how it feel when I applied it on my brows (I will try it soon!)

posted by

Oops.. I accidently click post! lolx
Maybe just wait till you dye your hair?

posted by

It looks pretty gold, wonder how it would look like on the brows. Can't wait for a review entry from ya! :-P


can't wait to see how it looks like on your brows... it seems pretty gold and shimmery in the swatch pic.. I wonder how it compares to my Sephora one (besides the difference in color)


and the name of thisproduct is so cute. haha

posted by

omgomgomgogmgg!!! ive been waiting for this! Huney try it on!!!! :) Cant wait! xoxo!

posted by

Try it out and do a review on it ok. I want to see how the turns out when you apply it on your brows. ;)

posted by

Yeap most probably. I'll color my hair first and try to find a place to get it from. Can't wait to see how it would look on your brows! Its awesome you're going through a browset phase, haha. I got to learn about these different browsets!

posted by

Sophia.. it really gold(not yellowish) and abit of shimmers.. I will try it out tomorrow morning (and take pic with natural light and flash).

And Yes.. the name is so cute!

posted by

Diana, I will tomorrow (I wanna try on today.. but the weather was so burning hot today.. I scare it will melt! lolx)

Kas, yes it got darker colors (The seller have 3 shades, Golden Brown, light brown and brown... don't have the greenish brown one-think only Japan have it?!?!)

posted by

Sara, Yes.. I have been so crazy about browset, brow pencils.. brow makeup lately!! And today I bought the MM brow's crayon! "shake head" lolx

Mya and eclecticsatire:: Sure sure ^__^

posted by

I like to try this out!!! Any chance u might wana do a swap???

posted by

Clara.. I only have one of this.. how to swap? lolx
But I think I might be getting another shade soon.

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