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Canmake New Duo blush

By everbluec · April 29, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


Saw this at Watsons and I'm in love <3<3<3 the shades are not very unique, but they all look really sweet and quite pigmentated. Good for the price!

Right now Watsons having promotion.. Price SD$16.90 (Original price is SD$18.90) More then 20% off (I wonder John little have this anot)

Come in 4 different duo shades (If I'm not wrong #03 and #04 are matte.. where #01 and #02 are with shimmers)

Here's the "zoom" in pics...


I'm going to get #02 (I need to check out John Little sales first.. cos there are having 20% + 20% promotion.)



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posted by makeupmag

Thanks for posting this; Iris was just telling me about these blushes last night! :)

posted by

The cols remind me of Jill Stuart blushes! I must go check them out.

posted by

#01 & #04!!! Dang... tempt me liao -_-

posted by

You're welcome Mag.. these blushes are so pretty~

Chocfull: lolx.. go check them out!

Ming: Sat we go check it out together(if JL don't have extra discount.. we can get it at Watsons)

posted by

Tempted to get all =s

posted by

ohh i heard about these from Iris. #1 is perfect! Light pale pink and corally orange, omgosh I must just get that one.

posted by

Verlyn: WAH...I think I will just get one! kekekeke

Sara: Yeah, the coral orange is really pretty too!

posted by

Omg, they are all so pretty! Can't make up my mind on which to get! I was over at watsons last week but I didn't see these. Am so gonna head down to watsons to check them out tmr! (:

posted by

Patricia: It's out at almost all Watsons (I swatched all these at my neighbourhood watsons). Today, I got the number #2

posted by

Ming: I got the right color la... I keep thinking the number #4 is the one I want! Hahahahaha

posted by

And WHY did I buy #02 in the end!?!??!! I tot i suppose to get #04! Lolx~~ Your swatch not accurate! XDD~ The #02 pink is like SUPA hot pink in your swatch wherelse when I swatch, its not really that 'hot' kekex..

posted by

OK leh.. remember I told you when I swatched 04 at watsons with you all.. I keep thinking why it look kinda like milky and not what I remember from the pic... cos I want the pale pink and hot pink and 02 turn out to be the shade that I remember. (Turn out I remember the numbers wrongly... kekekke)

Maybe I should use my camera to take the swatches. kekekeke

posted by

hahax~ yah, prob the mobile pic kinda make it supa contrast... reallly ah.. my #02 is not THAT hot pink.. =_="

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