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By everbluec · March 8, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Hi hi hi everyone,

www.everbluec.com it's finally fully UP! (Yeah!)
I know I have mentioned about shifting my whole onsugar blog over to my own domain for sometimes already, but shifting 3 years plus of blog's posts is not an easy task!(lolx)

You can see that, I still keep the layout pretty simple and kinda have the same feels as my blog here(onsugar).
I'm too lazy la, and I'm not very good at creating layout also! So simple is the way to go! lolx

Reason... well, after experiences some errors and problems with onsugar.....  I decided to shift.
And also FINALLY use my own domain to mask over the new blog (I know I'm kinda silly for not using my domain earlier, since I've been paying for donno how long already!! Silly Me!!)

Anyway, I will still keep onsugar as a "mailing list" kinda of "blog" to direct link over to www.everbluec.com.. if you do not wish to follow me again over there (I can totally understand that -__-...)

If you all already followed my blog thru facebook (subscribe to my public feed on FB), twitter, networkedblogs... the link will auto changed to my everbluec.com link (I already edited that so that you won't miss out any of my posts).

I also wanna thanks those who'd talked me into making use of my own domain, sharing tips on shifting, listening to my complains and everything else ^^
(You know who you are!!!)
Huge jumbo kisses.... 
Thank you all so so so so so so so much ^^



I have blocked my onsugar blog from showing up on google search and I will be closing this blog soon, so do remember to bookmark "www.everbluec.com"

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By everbluec · November 24, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Hi hi hi,

I will be having a little Christmas party with Lancôme together with 2 cute bloggers (Maybeline and Roanna) on 30th November 2015 at LANCÔME @ CAPITOL PIAZZA (7pm)

Wanna join me at Lancome on 30th November at 7pm?
Click here to read more about it ^_^


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Review : Belif Extreme Vanilla Lip balm

By everbluec · May 8, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Lipbalm is kinda like my must have products... I breath with my mouth most of the time so keeping my lips hydrated is very important!

I love thick lipbalm the most because it stay on the lips longer and will heal dry flasky skin around the lips faster. So this today, I'm sharing my thoughts on how I feel about the Belif Extreme Vanilla Lip balm.

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Clio 2nd generation Kill Black, Kill Brown eyeliners

By everbluec · April 10, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

I cannot imagine that I have told my friends that I can skip eyeliner back when I'm in my early 20s. Now I look like I have no eyes when I didn't draw eyeliners!!!!! I guess back then... I have thicker lashes and with a few coats of mascara on I will have a natural eyeliner "line" (lolx)

Now... eyeliner are one of my must have makeup item (beside foundation and mascara). So which come to what I'm going to share. Clio had reformulated their popular Kill Black Eyeliners .. this time round with higher concentration of carbon (from 6.8g to 7g), new ink tank container that offers better control and hygienic storage with a longer lasting waterproof formula.

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Bite-sized skincare - Koplina Jellies, Green Aojiru Matcha and Giveaway

By everbluec · February 17, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Having healthy and beautiful skin are something we have to work on... I know that "gene" plays a big part but it won't last forever. Skin and health will go down hill if we never good take care of it.

We need to take care of our skin from inside and out - Having a a good skincare routine... even a simple moisturizer can do much then apply nothing. A well balance diet filled with tones of healthy foods that are high in antioxidant. Supplement is an good addition especially when we don't eat enough fruits, vegetable and oils (omega).

One of my favourite form of supplement are jellies (I believe most peoples will enjoy jelly because it feels like snacking! lolx)... they are yummy, easy to carry around and doesn't have that fishy smell nor taste that some collagen juice have.

Koplina a well-known brand of beauty supplements from Japan has reached our shore... bringing us their yummy Koplina Jellies. #nomnomnom

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